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2018-12-08. to photo # 00010000402 (Oriental Magpie-Robin)

Amal: Study about common birds

2018-11-26. to photo # 00010085501 (Paddyfield Warbler)

Ahdrew Bazdyrev: Очень уж мощные клюв и ноги для индийской камышевки - скорее кто-то из тростниковых.

2018-06-27. to post # 20171023000101 (Sreemoolanagaram, inside the village)

Suresh Babu: We would like to know more about birds club and its activities and members

Please advise


2017-12-25. to post # 20171023000101 (Sreemoolanagaram, inside the village)

Askar Isabekov: Thanks Sergey!

2017-12-24. to post # 20171023000101 (Sreemoolanagaram, inside the village)

Sergey L. Volkov: 13. Yeah, this is Funambulus palmarum.

2017-12-24. to photo # 00010001301 (Indian Spotted Eagle)

Askar Isabekov: in 2nd and 3rd photos together with Brahminy Kite

2017-12-23. to photo # 00010078901 (Stork-Billed Kingfisher)

Askar Isabekov: I saw how this Kingfisher caught the fish, then more than 20 minutes bird was static, probably it was waiting when the large fish die.

2017-12-23. to photo # 00010078301 (Oriental Darter)

Askar Isabekov: two Darters were soaring above the city like eagles

2017-12-12. to photo # 00010053301 (Blyth's Reed Warbler)

Andrey Kovalenko: Это не orinus случайно...? Слишком крупный клюв.

2017-12-11. to photo # 00010052202 (Indian Cormorant)

Askar Isabekov: In 2nd photo there are Little (in top) and Indian (bottom) Cormorants. Little one is not so little.

2017-12-08. to post # 20171205000101 (Seaside in Alappuzha.)

Askar Isabekov: thanx! corrected

2017-12-08. to photo # 00010048501 (Black-Tailed Godwit)

Askar Isabekov: top-left bird is Garganey

2017-12-07. to post # 20171205000101 (Seaside in Alappuzha.)

Sergey L. Volkov: Askar, no. 17 is not signed. Haliastur indus, Brahminy Kite.

2017-12-04. to photo # 00010042003 (Long-Tailed Shrike)

Askar Isabekov: There are 4 or 5 different birds in series, all of them have almost pure grey mantle with a bit of rufous close tu rump

2017-12-01. to photo # 00010036801 (Indian Pond Heron)

Askar Isabekov: This Indian Pond Heron is in breeding plumage in the end of November.

2017-11-29. to photo # 00010005101 (Zitting Cisticola)

Askar Isabekov: Thanks, Sanjik!

2017-11-29. to photo # 00010033402 (White-Bellied Woodpecker)

Askar Isabekov: Thanks!

2017-11-29. to photo # 00010005103 (Zitting Cisticola)

sanzhar abdikhalyk: Pls check zitting cisticola

2017-11-29. to photo # 00010033402 (White-Bellied Woodpecker)

sanzhar abdikhalyk: Congratulations! You got him

2017-11-23. to photo # 00010022201 (Common Myna)

Askar Isabekov: together with Jungle Mynas

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