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Wood Sandpiper

Tringa glareola ()

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2017-11-07 = 2017-12-07

2017-12-07Paddy fields and wetlands near Pallathuruthy, Kerala.Askar IsabekovTringa glareola15
2017-11-16Kole Wetlands, Puzhakkal. Thrissur.Askar IsabekovTringa glareola
2017-11-15Kole Wetlands, Puzhakkal. Thrissur.Askar IsabekovTringa glareola50
2017-11-13Kole Wetlands, Puzhakkal. Thrissur.Askar IsabekovTringa glareola250
2017-11-12Kole Wetlands, Puzhakkal. Thrissur.Askar IsabekovTringa glareola100
2017-11-08Kole Wetlands near Puzhakal. Thrissur. KeralaAskar IsabekovTringa glareola100
2017-11-07Kole Wetlands near Puzhakal. Thrissur. KeralaAskar IsabekovTringa glareola30


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