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Kentish Plover

Charadrius alexandrinus

© Askar Isabekov | 2017-12-10 | Alappuzha beach, Kerala.

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2021-01-21. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Coppersmith Barbet.

2021-01-18. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Laughing Dove.

2021-01-14. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Chestnut-Tailed Starling.

2020-12-26. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Red-Vented Bulbul, Indian Roller.

2020-12-21. Dr.Jayaprakash V: House Sparrow.

2020-12-20. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Brahminy Starling.

2020-12-15. Dr.Jayaprakash V: Grey Francolin.

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2020-09-06. to photo # 00060002601 (Jerdon's Bushlark)

Dr.Jayaprakash V: Thank you, Ashik! You could very well be correct!Regards,Jp

2020-09-06. to photo # 00060002601 (Jerdon's Bushlark)

Ashik: This is jerdon's bushlark for sure

2020-09-01. to photo # 00060009001 (Indian Courser)

Dr.Jayaprakash V: Awfully sorry! I am still feeling my way around this site! Since there is no PM facility, I missed your note.I shall be more careful in posting my images from now on..Jp

2020-09-01. to photo # 00060002601 (Jerdon's Bushlark)

Dr.Jayaprakash V: Thanks Pavel, for the input. Going by the distribution, Indian Bush lark is seen in north-western, central and south-central India while this bird was photographed in South India. I am wondering if this is the female of Ashy_crowned Sparrow Lark..Jp [....]

2020-08-30. to photo # 00010046602 (Eastern Great Egret)

Askar Isabekov: Thank you very much, Pavel. I absolutely agree to you, bird has vey long legs to be intermedia.

2020-07-21. to photo # 00010046602 (Eastern Great Egret)

Pavel Parkhaev: Hi Askar! This egret looks like Ardea alba (the skinny yellowish gap goes far behind the vertical line drawn trough the midle of the eye). According to the coloration of the feet (entire black), it can be A.a.modesta - Eastern Great Egret (this subspecies, [....]

2020-07-17. to photo # 00060002601 (Jerdon's Bushlark)

Pavel Parkhaev: I suppose tha it can be Indian Bush Lark - Mirafra erythroptera

2020-06-24. to photo # 00060002601 (Jerdon's Bushlark)

Аскар Исабеков: I moved series to unidentified birds

2020-06-22. to photo # 00010040502 (Indian Blackbird)

Dr.Jayaprakash V: You are right. Indian Blackbird it is.Thank you.Jp

2020-05-30. to photo # 00060006101 (Indian Blackbird)

Аскар Исабеков: that's description of nigropileus subspecies male. Please look to my photo of Indian Blackbird taken in Munnar (photo).

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Nilgiri (Scaly) Thrush (Zoothera dauma neilgherriensis)

© Askar Isabekov
Eravikulam National Park. Munnar, Kerala.

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2020-04-14. Hoopoe (Dr.Jayaprakash V).

2020-04-10. Indian Silverbill (Dr.Jayaprakash V).

2020-03-30. Large Grey Babbler (Dr.Jayaprakash V).

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