Greater Coucal

Centropus sinensis (Stephens, 1815)

© Dr.Jayaprakash V

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author: Dr.Jayaprakash V
location: Singampatti Zamindar Forest
date: 2020-03-07
equipment: Nikon D7100, Nikkor 500 mm f4

2020-04-09. Dr.Jayaprakash V:

I am not sure about the classification.
To me this is Southern Coucal (C.(sinensis)parroti)

Greater Coucal ( C.sinensis) is a resident of Pakistan, Himalayan foothills, northern Gangetic plains and Bangladesh, according to Grimmet & Inskipp.
But I could not find Southern Coucal group for uploading.
I shall be much obliged if any expert would kindly clear the confusion

2020-04-12. Askar Isabekov:

parroti is a subspecies (race) of Great Coucal. Lists of species of Birds of India (Wiki, Avibase) don't contain Southern Coucal as the full species.

I agree to you, bird in your photo shows lack of rufous in mantle, it's a feature of parroti race. In gallery Greater Coucals from all photos from southern part of India show a lack of rufous in mantle, some of them also show difference in colour of face and neck, both the features of parroti.

2020-04-16. Dr.Jayaprakash V:

Thank you, Askar, for the clarification!


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