Indian Courser

Cursorius coromandelicus (Gmelin, JF, 1789)

© Dr.Jayaprakash V

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author: Dr.Jayaprakash V
location: Koonthankulam
date: 2014-02-23
equipment: Nikon D7100, Nikkor 500 mm

2020-05-24. Аскар Исабеков:

My dream

2020-05-30. Аскар Исабеков:

Dear Dr.Jayaprakash V, could you please publish photos of different dates and places in different series, because as you know birds can look different in different seasons. Thank you for sharing your nice photos!

2020-09-01. Dr.Jayaprakash V:

Awfully sorry!
I am still feeling my way around this site! Since there is no PM facility, I missed your note.
I shall be more careful in posting my images from now on..


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